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ADITC Training Courses

The ADITC training courses are regularly presented by Allen Carlon of Go Drill on behalf of the Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee.

Bore Grouting Course

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  Managing Director    Allen Carlon

Allen started his career as an apprentice Diesel Mechanic in 1986. Allen completed his training on cars, trucks, small engines, trailers, heavy earthmoving equipment, Including metal working and fabrication in both a Government and a private sector until passing his studies and becoming a tradesman in 1990


After completion of his apprenticeship Allen moved to South East Queensland in 1992 and worked as a mechanic and in a sales position for road transport spares until he came across an Ingersoll Rand T4 drill rig in a workshop being prepared for an exploration drilling contract. Allen was engaged as a drillers assistant and relocated to Marlborough 100 km North of Rockhampton to start a journey within the drilling Industry that bought him to where Go Drill Pty Ltd is today.


With many and varied opportunities over the years Allen has gained experience within many sectors of the drilling Industry including hard rock mineral exploration, waterwell, geotechnical investigation, environmental, geothermal and horizontal directional drilling. Allen has worked as a drillers assistant, Driller, supervisor, trainer, assessor and as a technical representative of drilling fluids in the application of rotary mud techniques.


After cutting his drilling teeth on mineral exploration and waterwell drilling Allen was presented with work in Indonesia as a drilling supervisor on an exploration rig for six months. After civil unrest and the Government being overthrown in 1998 Allen returned to Australia where he worked as a contractor in the waterwell sector in Gippsland Victoria. Allen's experience in the waterwell sector gained him a Government position as a "Drilling Inspector" where technical and legislative skills were added to his existing practical skills within the Industry. An opportunity arose for Allen to then return to the mineral sector and supervise multiple rigs at the Olympic Dam project in South Australia for Boart Longyear. Allen also worked as a driller for a geotechnical and environmental drilling company in his home town of Geelong Victoria until he became a technical representative for Fluid Star a drilling fluids company, gaining valuable training and experience on mud program management in a wide range of drilling methods and formations.


Over the years Allen gained a wide range of experience and skills and also sought recognition of his skills by gaining waterwell drillers licences in most states of Australia, Certificate, 2, 3, Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Drilling Management and then perused training to become an Industry trainer and assessor.


In 2007 Allen started Go Drill to provide training and assessments for qualifications to the drilling Industry. Allen and Kerry Carlon are now the Directors of Go Drill Pty Ltd. Allen has been in the drilling Industry for 19 years now. In 2009 Go Drill purchased their first drill rig to work in the water well Industry in Victoria, this sector slowed as higher than average rainfall returned to the state, so the rig was converted to support mineral drilling and contracts were sought in NSW. From there Go Drill has grown in 2012 to around 20 employee's running 4 multi-purpose rigs in the coal sector in Queensland.


Now in 2013 Go Drill has secured full ownership of its previous partnership company, Coal Drilling Services Pty Ltd (CDS). Go Drill Pty Ltd service provision capacity has now grown exponentially with the high capacity equipment from the CDS buyout.

Allen is also a leading service provider to the Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee Pty Ltd by presenting all of their Industry training courses around Australia. (See further details on the "Training" page and visit the ADITC web site.
Allen Carlon holds firm values in providing a professional quality service to his valued clients with a hands on approach and an emphasis in becoming his clients "strategic business partner" rather than just a contractor.

    Trade Qualified Motor Mechanic - Diesel Heavy Vehicle Training - June 1990

    Class 2-Licensed Waterwell Driller - Auger, Rotary air and mud Vic, NSW, Qld & SA

    Mud Drilling Techniques Course - June 1996

    Gravel Pack & Screens Course - April 1996 & again November 2003

    Certificate 2 - Information Technologies - December 1998

    Certificate 4 - Small business management - January 2000

    Work Cover approved OH&S representative - March 2002

    Certificate 3 - Water Industry Operations - June 2005

    Certificate 3 - RII31809 Driller - Drilling Operations

    Certificate 4 - Workplace Assessment & Workplace Training - November 2005

        TAE40110 Trainer & Assessor - upgraded November 2012

    Diploma - Drilling Operations - February 2006

        RII50609 Diploma of Drilling Operations - upgraded April 2013

    Advanced Diploma - DRT60103 Drilling Management - February 2006

        RII60409 Advanced Diploma Drilling Management - upgrade pending 2013

    Registered assessor with the ADITC (No.15) - March 2006, renewed May 2013

    Senior first aid (Valid 3 years, CPR 1 year) - March 2013

    Loader, Excavator, Dozer and Bob Cat Licence.

    Construction Inductry safety induction (WorkSafe) - September 2008

    Resource Industry Std 11 safety induction - March 2012
    Resource Industry S1, S2, S3 Supervisor safety training course - November 2012